Pendulum Divination & Dowsing Course

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I will be teaching the following course in Newtown PA if anyone is interested in pendulum work & dowsing.

Pendulum Divination & Dowsing Course
Wednesdays : March 8th , 15th, & 22nd 7 - 9 pm
At Soulutions in Newtown PA

For anyone interested in discovering or further developing your natural psychic and sensory abilities. One of the simplest forms of divination uses a pendulum that allows you to access the psychic abilities through your subconscious awareness of the future and various natural energy fields of which we are all aware but at a level that for most never manifests in conscious perception.
Basic pendulums work for almost all circumstances but the are other more advanced methods that can allow you to work with the energies of various minerals crystals and substances to use energetic resonance and basic sympathetic magick to focus your readings. You may have experimented with pendulum divination before, but there is more that can be done with a pendulum than merely getting yes or no answers to simple questions.
Holistic and energy practitioners may benefit greatly from learning the skills that can aid in diagnostics of imbalances and determining which treatment options may be appropriate for their clients through dowsing for imbalances or appropriate natural remedies.

Part I - Basic Pendulum Divination
In the fist class the history and basics of pendulum divination and dowsing will be covered. The whys and hows of pendulum divinations will be explored along with exercises and meditations that will help you discover and explore your extrasensory abilities.

*** This class can be taken on its own. For those interested in exploring pendulum work deeper it the following classes build upon the material covered in this portion. ***

Part II - Earth Energies & Dowsing
Every day we live and move through an ever-present and shifting ocean of energies that affect us in many different ways. In this part we will explore more deeply the nature of the broad spectrum of phenomena that are often lumped together under the term "energy": ley lines, fractal space energies, electromagnetic, psychokinetic, and other forms. Learn how to dowse for various energies, physical materials and phenomena and determine the energetic properties, flow direction, resonance's, elemental character, etc of the energies rather than their simple presence.

Part III - Body Energies; Dowsing & Divination For Healing and Diagnostics

In this class you will learn about the body's natural energetic components and how a pendulum can be use to map things such as the aura, energy flow along the pathways, the activity and health of the major and minor Chakras, as well has how to use a pendulum in place of muscle testing along. Also taught will be highly specialised pendulum methods of differential diagnostics that utilise sympathetic resonance to accurately assess which natural remedies the body in imbalance requires and which may even be dangerous.

Anyone who works in the holistic health fields will find much in these classes that will make useful adjuncts to their diagnostic toolkit.

Each Class will be 2 hours long. Space is limited to 8 – 10 people.
Part I $50 per person
$125 for the entire 3 part course when preregistering

Contact Soulutions of Newtown PA for more information and to register
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    Thu, March 2, 2006 - 4:08 AM
    I have been interested in my own sensory abilities. I do not know if I have psychic energies, but feel stronger drawn to certain things during different times in my life. I live in Atlanta, do you know anyone here you could recommend?
    B & L
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      Thu, March 2, 2006 - 9:33 PM

      There is a website that has and excellent resource section for stores and events. (The site is geared toward Wiccans, Pagans and other followers of earth religions to let you know) They do however have one of the most comprehensive state by state listing of all things spiritual & metaphysical not merely Wiccan or Pagan - stores, events, classes, speakers, etc.

      Here's the link to the Georgia page

      Metaphysical Store listings.

      Check with some local metaphysical stores - they often hold events and classes. Some of the better Reiki practitioners have classes in developing your intuitive abilities.

      There are a couple of serchable online Directories of Complementary & Alternative therapists that might be useful if you look under energy therapists. They're good resources in any case

      I also know Llewellyn books publishes a number of How To books on various aspects of developing your abilities. They're a bit along the lines of Books For Dummies though, good to get an overview and intro but not much further.

      Hope you're feeling better
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        Fri, March 3, 2006 - 5:06 AM
        Thank you. I will check out the books for dummies first, as I do need basic knowledge. I also will look at the web sites. I have a friend who is Wicca, I will ask him alos. Never thought about it before.
        Thanks for the ideas....
        B & L